Aegean Series Collection

This series is made of soothing colors and plush texture. Gaining inspiration from Greece’s breathtaking vistas and restful, slow-paced culture, the Aegean Series’ color palette is informed by the neutral shades of white sandy beaches, stretching mountains, cobblestone streets and ancient stone columns. Rich saturated tones mimic crystal sky, aqua sea, Mediterranean islands and terra-cotta rooftops. Using a four-ply yarn blend, Andros and Hydra have inviting textures that you can both see and feel. By combining two dark yarn strands with one accent color and one white strand, this four-ply yarn carries visual dimension and tactile softness.

The Styles

  • kitchen in an office with 3 round wood tables with 4 chairs each, there is a kitchenette along the back wall behind the tabeles
    Carpet Tiles & Planks


    This mid-scale pattern is reminiscent of the many ancient stone structures throughout Greece, and the way the light hits the side of the mountains in the morning, casting shadows across their surface. Andros features a layered texture that piles slightly higher than Hydra and Input, building even greater interest when they’re arranged together in the floor design.

  • Light colored table with 3 mismatched brown chairs, thre is a couch against the wall behind the table and a counter top that wraps along the outter edge
    Powerbond® - Resilient/Carpet Hybrid / Carpet Tiles & Planks


    Hydra’s small-scale heather provides a textural contrast to the fuller Andros. Its coordinating neutral color palette also includes vivid brights to provide greater opportunity for color contrast and interesting way-finding. With a more affordable price point, Hydra can be placed on its own in private offices and conference rooms, or used in collaboration with Andros to create installed pattern options that can lower overall budgets.