Dynamic Edit Flooring Collection

With a vibrant range of saturated neutrals and energetic pops of color, Dynamic Edit is a mixture of lively and structured patterns that can stand alone or be mixed and matched to create points of interest. This collection celebrates ongoing innovation and the process of constantly refining our craft – because each day, we’re presented with two choices: evolve or repeat.

Mix and Match to Edit Endlessly

The Dynamic Edit series celebrates enduring development by providing five modular patterns and 12 energetic colorways that allow you to freely mix, match, add and edit.

The Styles

  • Two white chairs in with a white coffee table, they are in front of a piece of artwork on the wall
    Carpet Tiles & Planks

    Alight Edit

    With subtle linearity and artistic layering, Alight Edit is soft and versatile, a beautiful design that stands on its own or becomes a perfect companion to the rest of the Dynamic Edit Series.

  • light wooden work table with brown office chairs, there are short bookcases along the wall to the left with windows filling the rest of the wall
    Carpet Tiles & Planks

    Connect Edit

    Connect Edit is a reiteration of one of our most popular Flexible Standard options. The interlaced triangular pattern provides points of intersecting interest that are both unique and energizing. This large-scale style is one of five different patterns in our lively Dynamic Edit Series.

  • white couch with 3 gray arm chairs. There are two low round coffee tables and a wall of windows to the left
    Carpet Tiles & Planks

    Edge Edit

    With a combination of corresponding geometric elements and a contemporary playfulness, Edge Edit is a striking and vibrant selection that is sure to enhance any interior space with a wow-factor, both in design and affordability. Pair this style with the rest of the Dynamic Edit Series.

  • metal table with matching chairs in the right hand corner, there is a high top bar with matching metal chairs, the back wall is made of windows
    Carpet Tiles & Planks

    Electric Edit

    As part of the Dynamic Edit Series, Electric Edit layers a combination of horizontal and vertical lines to create an interwoven, organic arrangement that is applicable in a variety of environments.

  • light brown chair in the middle of a room, there are skinny white drawers on the wall behind the chair
    Carpet Tiles & Planks

    Flame Edit

    With a highly sophisticated, distressed textile appearance, Flame Edit has a shifted construction that produces a textural composition and an overall aesthetic appeal. Pair Flame Edit with the rest of the Dynamic Edit Series to help delineate space and traffic flow.