Mindful Maker LVT Collection

Artistic expression is a vital piece of the human experience. Creating art nourishes the spirit and enhances our well-being in incomparable ways. Hands-on exploration channels comfort and healing. It can also be a source of encouragement, giving us a sense of achievement. Through creating, we convey ideas and share perspectives, forging meaningful connections with others.

Inspired by this fundamental need, we developed three textural patterns to celebrate the art of making. The Mindful Maker collection, available exclusively on our premium Contour construction of 32-mil luxury vinyl tile, brings together the art of traditional craft and our modern digital world.

At Tarkett, social and environmental responsibility is woven into everything we do. See the proof in the Tarkett Floorprint for Mindful Maker.

The Styles

  • Design space with wooden table and stool and art moodbaord on the wall and patterned beige flooring


    Part of the Mindful Maker collection, this artistic visual was created using a combination of watercolor washes and brushstrokes. Various widths and lengths of the artwork were cut into strips and collaged. Care was given to create an interesting balance of tone, texture, and movement in the arrangement. Paired with the other two Mindful Maker styles, the collection reminds us how artistic expression nourishes the spirit and enhances our well-being in incomparable ways.

  • Long wide hallway with grey flooring and concrete window panelling with plants on right and shelving on left


    Like tributaries finding their way to a river or branches to a tree trunk, Demure is inspired by the impressions made by etching in metal, glass, or clay. Organic elements come together to create this soft but textural abstract that evokes nature around us. As part of the Mindful Maker collection Demure is one of three textural patterns that celebrate the art of making, bringing together traditional craft and our modern digital world.

  • Modern office of the future with round edged desk and fabrics hanging on the wall

    Needle & Thread

    Inspired by the resurgence of classic crafts such as crocheting and cross stitching, Needle & Thread evokes a sense of comfortability by showcasing a variety of stitching techniques. These handmade crafts that were once a necessity of daily life have now become a source of quiet reflection and artistic expression. Pair this style with the rest of the Mindful Maker collection to celebrate the comfort and healing that comes from hands-on artistic expression.