iQ Optima Acoustiflor Sheet

Specialty Applications
Formerly Johnsonite
iQ Optima Acoustiflor Sheet
Key features
  • Available in 20 colors
  • Impact sound reduction of 16 dB (ASTM E2179) ∆LW
  • iQ no wax, no finish construction
  • Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly

iQ Optima Acoustiflor vinyl flooring provides outstanding performance while enhancing underfoot comfort and reducing sound. Designed for heavy traffic areas where silence is required such as corridors and patient rooms, it is extremely durable and resistant to wear, stain and abrasion. To keep it clean, no need for polish or wax, a simple dry-buffing is enough to restore this floor’s original appearance. These colors are specially designed to coordinate with the full iQ Optima portfolio.

Discover this product's environmental attributes and its contribution to LEED at ecomedes.

Technical and environmental specifications
Technical specifications
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