Aria 3.0

Vinyl Sheet | Homogeneous Vinyl
Formerly Johnsonite
Aria 3.0
Key features
  • Homogeneous sheet and tile formats to create more design flexibility and faster installation options
  • 14 colors in non-directional design
  • Coordinates perfectly with Melodia Collection
  • Low maintenance for high traffic areas

Designed for heavy traffic applications such as education and healthcare facilities, Aria 3.0 is a homogeneous vinyl flooring solution for areas where hygiene and resistance are key. Our PUR Reinforced surface treatment (xr2) guarantees enhanced protection and easier maintenance. Aria 3.0 is available in a non-linear pattern with large color chips, color coordinated with the Melodia 3.0 Collection to create spaces in harmony with the needs of healthcare, education and other high traffic segments.

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Environmental Attributes of Aria® 2.0

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