Mesto Configurations™ Tile

Formerly Johnsonite
Mesto Configurations™ Tile
Key features
  • Available in 36 colorways across 12 color families
  • Hammered Texture
  • Cradle to Cradle® Certified Bronze

A tonal study with a soft marbleized visual, Mesto Configurations™ rubber tiles can be used together in very subtle gradations to create the effect of layered textural shifts, which are found in geology and other natural formations. With three different tones in each of the 12 color groupings, you can arrange these tiles and planks in a way that reflects the organic color shifts found in nature.

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Mesto Configurations Floor Designs

Picture the Possibilities

Mesto ConfigurationsTM can help bring your wildest dreams to life, offering unlimited ways to create your own one-of-a-kind floor designs. We started with eight standard colorways. Added a corresponding light and dark tone for each. Then made them all available in four distinct sizes, to make your design possibilities virtually limitless. You're about to discover a variety of ways to put together a MestoTM masterpiece. Feel free to replicate these ideas or use them as inspiration for your own custom creation.

Rubber Tiles Floor Layout Designs
Technical and environmental specifications
Technical specifications
Technical Documents
Case study with Mesto Configurations™ Tile
Webster Elementary School
Webster Elementary School
Minneapolis, Minnesota United States

The school district hired TSP, Inc. to re-invigorate Webster Elementary. The newly renovated school was to be designed to meet the district’s new prototype standards.

Environmental Attributes of Mesto Configurations™

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