Modular / Powerbond
Formerly Tandus Centiva
Key features
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Available in Powerbond or Modular Tile
  • Dynex SD Solution Dyed (Permanent Stain Resistance)
  • 100% recyclable through ReStart

Rooted in ancient map-making techniques with structured amorphous patterning, Cartography imparts a classic timelessness. Designed to "personalize" the workplace with bright color accents for floor plane mapping and workplace seating. Cartography provides a fresh take on Organics for interiors with a textural surface of cut and un-cut pile. Matte and lustrous fiber add depth while warm and cool neutrals ground this product.

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Technical and environmental specifications
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Technical specifications
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Case study with Cartography
Pandora Radio
Pandora Radio
Chicago, Illinois United States

Learn how Tarkett's flooring solutions supported key elements that are reflective of Pandora Radio's 80's design concept.