Subfloor Leveler

Installation Accessories
Formerly Johnsonite
Subfloor Leveler
Key features
  • 8 profiles available in 4' sections
  • Transitions from 0" to 3/4"
  • Quickly provides a smooth, uniform, ADA-compliant transition with no need for leveling compounds.
  • Immediately accepts new flooring over it
  • View Transition Selector Chart

There's always a "get ready" and "get set" that come before go. That's where the patented Subfloor Leveler System comes into play. This system provides a gradual ramp for a smooth transition between different flooring elevations, eliminating abrupt changes that tend to cause trip falls. With easy installation plus minimal man-hours and curing times, everyone can get to where they're going swiftly and safely.

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Environmental Attributes of Subfloor Leveler

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Sustainable Subfloor Levelers on Ecomedes
Technical and environmental specifications
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