Cortina Grande SR

Composition Tile / Specialty Applications | Solid Vinyl Tile
Formerly Johnsonite
Cortina Grande SR
Key features
  • Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT)
  • Special slip-resistant texture to help reduce slip/falls
  • 6 that match full Cortina Grande line
  • Unique construction reduces maintenance costs

The classic confetti pattern (so named for the random scattering of what appears to be party detritus) is elevated by marble patterning that moves the celebration to a nicer space.  Add a slip-resistant texture that works hard to reduce slip/falls, a solid vinyl homogeneous construction, high traffic performance and easy maintenance and you have an optimal solution for retail, education and healthcare applications.  A safety program within the broader Cortina Grande line.

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Technical and environmental specifications
Technical Documents

Environmental Attributes of Cortina Grande Slip Resistant

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