• Reminiscent of ancient stone-like features
  • Mid-scale pattern
  • Four-ply yarn blend
This mid-scale pattern is reminiscent of the many ancient stone structures throughout Greece, and the way the light hits the side of the mountains in the morning, casting shadows across their surface. Andros features a layered texture that piles slightly higher than Hydra and Input, building even greater interest when they’re arranged together in the floor design.

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Primary backing Synthetic Non-Woven
Face Weight 31 oz/yd²
Professional warranty (in years) Lifetime Limited
Pattern Andros G0015
Pattern type Organic
Format Type Tile
Fiber System TDX® Nylon
Secondary backing ethos® Modular with Omnicoat Technology™
Dye Method Solution Dyed
Total thickness 0.245 " (6.25 mm)
Pile thickness 0.100 " (2.50 mm)
Pile height average 0.185 " (5 mm)
Tuft Density 84 /in² (0.1 /cm2)
Installation method Glue-Down
Flooring Radiant Panel (ASTM E648) Class 1 (mean average CRF: 0.45 w/sq cm or higher)
Smoke Generation (ASTM E662) < 450
Cradle-to-Cradle Silver