Tailored Bloom

  • 9 colorways
  • Mix and match with other Tailored Twist for unique installations
  • ethos® Modular with Omnicoat Technology™

The Tailored Twist Collection features four unique patterns: Tailored, Tailored Bloom, Tailored Plaid and Tailored Madras. Any of the patterns can be ordered individually, or combined to create a uniquely custom feel. We’ve followed the same key principles for mixing patterns that are used in fashion design, such as mixing prints of different scales, combining different patterns from the same color family, and letting one pattern dominate, while the other is a playful accent. So every combination creates a design that’s whimsical but not erratic, embellished but not frivolous.

Tailored Bloom is our interpretation of an abstracted floral or random pattern accent, also featuring Tailored as its base.