Wall Base

That special area between the wall and the floor that brings the whole space together. Our portfolio of options is greater than ever before; more profiles, more colors and more finishes to be a shout-out to your interior space or to simply add a whisper.   These wall bases are designed to perform as well, adding safety with photoluminescence in egress routing, reducing install schedules with TightLock or adding the rich look of wood with Millwork while reducing high installation and
maintenance costs.

Stairwell Management

Proper stairwell management helps minimize risk by balancing safety and performance, leading to a measurable long-term return. Our integrated stairwell management system includes rubber and vinyl treads, nosings and accessories that enhance the flow of a space, allowing people to move safely and comfortably through the ups and downs of their day.  All are available in a broad array of profiles, textures, patterns and colors.

Finishing Accessories

In high-performance environments, the whole space is greater than the sum of its parts. Every element works together to create synergy. The result is that people perform better in the space. Interior designs must meet the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To help, we offer an entire family of finishing accessories that will comply with regulations while complementing the existing finish elements. Now it’s possible to transition from one floor thickness to
another with few slips and stumbles, and ensure that every
detail is considered.