Broadloom Carpet Backings

Broadloom Carpet Backings

Broadloom Carpet Backings

Our award-winning broadloom carpets comes in three backing options: LifeLONG®, Super-Lok®, and ErgoStep®. Each one created to address some of the most important needs from cost effectiveness to impact reduction. While each of our broadloom backings are built for different needs, they all encompass these same important attributes:

  • Green Label Plus compliant (Carpet and Rug Institute)
  • At least a 10 year warranty
  • Good to excellent rollability
  • High performance broadloom


LifeLONG is a cost-effective, high-performance broadloom with 28%-40% recycled content (overall) and also incorporate:

  • Recyclable
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Increased edge ravel warranty
  • Outstanding tuft bind and improved lamination strength
  • Serviceability on stairs and ramps
  • Will not degrade with maintenance
  • Excellent rollability
  • 20 year warranty


Super-Lok is an enriched synthetic latex backing that combines an economic construction with high performance while also encompassing:

  • Low VOCs
  • Outstanding tuft bind and improved lamination strength and protection against edge ravel
  • Excellent rollability
  • Fast installation
  • 10 year warranty


The ErgoStep was specially created to impede moisture intrusion as while providing superior comfort under foot and consists of:

  • 8%-10% postconsumer content
  • High density polyurethane cushion- 30% postconsumer content, 8.6% bio-based content*
  • Impedes moisture intrusion
  • Cushion comfort
  • Reduced fall impact
  • Extended product life
  • Minimized edge ravel
  • Impedes moisture intrusion
  • Enhanced acoustical and thermal properties
  • 10 year warranty

*Available upon request; minimum yardage requirements apply

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