DESSO: The Collective

DESSO: The Collective

We are now proud to introduce DESSO, a leading European carpet brand defined by its contemporary clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. DESSO was acquired by Tarkett in 2014 and boasts over 85 years of experience in manufacturing high quality, sustainable carpet tiles for commercial use. Our stunning collections have a distinctive European look and feel— taking inspiration from the fabrics, architecture and fashion that define the continent. Designed with strong environmental principles in mind, DESSO flooring is created to be good for both people and our planet.

Inspired by Nature



Desso Desert

DESSO Desert lends a feeling of vast, open spaces to the indoors with its subtly layered organic design. Like the shifting sands of the desert, this textured carpet tile allows you to play with the space to create a serene flooring scheme with a wide range of colours that vary from neutral tones to vibrant shades.

Desso Fields

DESSO Fields has been redesigned to offer commercial interior designers a wealth of colour combinations. A textured carpet tile that gives the distinct impression of a hand-woven textile, Fields’ enlarged and irregular loops help create highly tactile flooring that will render any space warm and welcoming.

Desso Fuse

DESSO Fuse is a striking transition carpet tile that adds movement to the floor by effortlessly flowing between two contrasting yet complimentary colour schemes to help zone and divide a space. The colour combinations of Fuse merges two distinctive hues from the uni-coloured Fields carpet tile range. As such it builds a stunning design bridge between the two products with endless opportunities for individuality and creative expression.

Desso Fuse Create

DESSO Fuse Create is a combination of two contrasting but complementary colour schemes in one inspirational flooring product, Fuse Create presents a whole new take on transition carpet tile effects. In Fuse Create, the softer hues of the DESSO Fields range work together to help zone and divide large spaces, while making a design impact. The concept works by the designer starting off with the neutral DESSO Fields base colour (9515). This base colour is the same for the entire collection and can be combined with a palette of eight DESSO Fields colours.

Desso Futurity

Recycle, renew, relove: the DESSO Futurity carpet tile collection is an ode to our beautiful earth and its precious resources, and an invitation to let the raw materials speak for themselves. An irregular textured aesthetic–raw and untamed–allows for true statement flooring. Its colour palette of four shades–comprising two lighter bases with darker pattern, and two darker bases with lighter pattern, reflects the raw, unpolished and unpredictable characteristics of this novel kind of nature. A rough texture perfectly suited to an urban setting, outspoken and loud to make a statement.

Desso Grezzo

Celebrating the pure, untouched beauty of the world’s natural rocky landscapes, this striking carpet tile supports Tarkett’s ongoing commitment to protect the planet’s fragile natural resources. Reminiscent of the Earth’s petrous planes and flint-covered cliff faces, DESSO Grezzo is comprised of 12 distinctive colour ways, ranging from cool concrete hues mimicking organic minerals, to warmer earthy greens and clay-like terracotta browns. The rugged, irregular weave forms an untamed, rock-ribbed texture, adding depth and natural movement to expansive spaces.

Desso Jeans

A modern style-setter, DESSO Jeans is a carpet tile that brings depth of character in contemporary inky hues. For many denim represents comfort and personal style–it is the archetypal wardrobe item.

Desso Iconic

Create playful flooring in a kaleidoscope of colours with DESSO Iconic. A unique tufting technique gives this tactile carpet tile hidden depths. The layered design brings together two contrasting hues to deliver dramatic, inspirational undertones that cut through convention. Inspired by woven textiles, an all-over colour is interjected by concealed lines, which reveal themselves as you walk through the space. A spectrum of 24 neutral shades and striking tones allow you to emphasise energetic open spaces and meeting rooms, or create contrasts for zoning.