Guide to Color

Guide to Color

Color plays a key role in creating motivating, high performance space. After all, color has the power to motivate students in the classroom or soothe healing patients. It can stimulate excitement in retail stores or enhance safety by preventing a bad fall. By coordinating all our flooring and accessory solutions across a balanced, harmonized palette, you have the freedom to bring your spatial design ideas to life. Express your creativity through the kind of environments where happiness and productivity thrive together.

The New Color Palette Experience

To help you easily select colors, we’ve created a pain-free customer-centric color selection process. The new color experience offers two palettes for wall base, accessories, rubber tile, stair tread and rubber accessories.


ColorMatch is a designer palette of 32 leading colors that are scientifically precise. Our exacting standards allow you to confidently mix and match different solutions in the same color – rubber and vinyl flooring products, wall base, stairwell management and finishing accessories.

Color Foundations

Color Foundations are neutral colors designed to coordinate over our whole system of rubber, vinyl sheet and tile, linoleum and composition tile flooring, wall base, stair treads and finishing accessories. We’ve identified Color Foundations neutrals across Warm Beige, Cool Beige, Warm Grey, Cool Grey, Black and White. Hundreds of choices in 6 neutral palettes and a guarantee: You’ll always have options within each palette and each product line forever. Guaranteed.