Meta Firma Collection launch

Introducing: Meta Firma Collection

The space where consciousness is displayed.

Created in collaboration with Suzanne Tick and Tick Studio Inc., the Meta Firma Collection celebrates the beauty and splendor of earth and sky. Explore the patterns and colors derived from nature and reinterpreted for commercial interiors.



Skyward is a translation of the obscured night sky, focusing our attention upward to the unbounded galaxies. The style is available in 10 colors and three modular tile sizes.

Meta Firma Collection - Skyward


Earthbound grounds us back on land, with a pattern largely inspired by the textures of North American salt flats. Choose from the same palette of 10 colors, in both Powerbond and three modular tile sizes.

Meta Firma Earthbound flooring

Analog Field

Analog Field is a digitally printed LVT that explores the continuity of the atmosphere, alongside its irregularities. Light with dark. Earth with sky. Permanence with evolution.

Meta Firma collection - Analog Field