Modern Refinement launch

Modern Refinement Collection

Weaving the past into the present.

By recreating historic textiles with new processes, our Modern Refinement Collection updates three classic techniques for the present day. Offering sensations from the tight and technical to the plush and luxurious, these surfaces offer an enduring sense of comfort and tactility—grounding and empowering all those who live and work above them.

Knot Stitch

The most textural, oh-so-cozy pattern in the series, Knot Stitch is the result of our admiration for hand-knotted textiles. By combining large and small yarn deniers, we’ve translated the irregular feel of handcrafted materials into this inviting, truly sensory experience.

Thread Craft

Historically, linen fabric is made from fibers of the flax plant—a process that generates beautiful variation in each direction. By using two different yarn processes, we’ve recreated that uniquely blended look with Thread Craft—lending a modern sensibility to a cherished tradition.

Corded Cloth

Interpreting a material originally used in the 18th century to make British country clothing, our Corded Cloth has the look of multiple cords of different lengths laid parallel, then stitched together. It’s an elegant, essential and versatile surface—one that brings the past into the present, with a design that stands the test of time.

Artifice LVT

To complement the plush surfaces of the Modern Refinement Collection, this digitally printed LVT helps ground a space with feelings of strength and resilience. The unique visual layers the soft, linear cords of woven textiles with the varied color and pattern found in natural stone.

Crafted Crane

Created in collaboration with designer Tara Headley, Crafted Cane is inspired by the heavy influence of the sugarcane industry in her homeland of Barbados. By overlapping the textural visuals of burlap and woven cane, the digitally printed pattern is reminiscent of materials that are prevalent throughout Caribbean communities.