Gabardine Sweaterknit Light Shift Parallel Ray Soft Surface

NeoCon 2020 Introductions

Connection is the New Currency

People crave the community and connection of the office…and business does too. Without connection, innovation doesn’t happen. Without innovation, business doesn’t happen.

Our collective purpose is to design space that feels warm, inviting and safe…like home, but without the distractions of wearing all our hats simultaneously. Tarkett’s summer introductions are designed with this in mind. With bespoke comfort that brings the soft elegance of woven textiles to the work environment, we hope they help lend warmth to your palettes and surfaces.

Let’s work together to reimagine the workplace—one that keeps everyone safe while promoting the connection we all need and to help us all flourish at work.

Note: The interactive NeoCon brochure is unavailable to view on Internet Explorer. The best experience is in the Chrome browser. PDF version available for download below.

SweaterKnit + Gabardine

Powerbond® + Modular Carpet Tile

Bespoke comfort

To find healthy balance in an age of constant digital connectivity, we seek to surround ourselves with sources of personal comfort and tactility, creating the same sense of calm and acceptance we experience in our homes. Highly textured surfaces, softened color palettes and bespoke accessories create warm and welcoming environments. SweaterKnit and Gabardine are designed for this craving of security and harmony—offering complementary styles that bridge the distance between workplace and work/life.


SweaterKnit imbues a sense of luxurious comfort, enveloping visitors with full, soft texture and the permission to escape for a moment of quite reflection. Available on modular tile sizes: 24 x 24, 9 x 36, and 18 x 36 (sample size).


Gabardine provides the perfect balance with a structured flat weave that represents our need to be focused, efficient and productive. Available on Powerbond and modular tile sizes: 24 x 24, 9 x 36, and 18 x 36 (sample size).

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)


To create this beautiful grain detail, we purchased and scanned “Sinker Cypress” logs, which are found primarily in the riverbeds of southern states. Some of these logs are dated at more than 1,000 years old, and sank while being floated downriver to the saw mill. Preserved underwater for hundreds of years, the color and graining are extremely rich and interesting, due to the minerals absorbed from the water over time.

Cypress pairs beautifully with SweaterKnit and Gabardine.

More information and a link to the visualizer coming soon. 

Light Shift Collection by Suzanne Tick

Modular Carpet Tile and LVT

Reflect. Enlighten. Endure.

Light’s inspiring properties. Light, and how it interacts, awakens new perspectives and shapes user experience. Access to natural light imbues a feeling of atmosphere and boundaries with its mood-setting properties and vast spectrum of shifting hues. As we return to the workplace, facilitating cross-pollination and the sharing of new ideas remains essential to workplace wellbeing. The Light Shift collection grants the new workspaces of today greater comfort and unification through its textural energy and modern palette, inspired by the properties of light. This experience allows a shift in perspective, guiding new ways of working we have yet to see fully evolve.

Light Shift

With its organic texture and saturated colors, Light Shift’s subtle, atmospheric pattern seems to absorb light in some places while bringing it to the surface in others, ultimately distributing glowing color equally across the modular pattern, and creating the effect of planes of color. Light Shift’s fine-grain pattern pairs well with the more linear design of Parallel Ray pattern.

Available on modular tile sizes: 24 x 24, 9 x 36, and 18 x 36 (sample size)

Parallel Ray

Parallel Ray explores the synergy of color and texture in a pattern of broken, parallel lines. The play of light between the dark and mid-tones creates contrast and a feeling of movement, while the scattered, broken lines create a larger textural pattern. The resulting rays of light, and their stop-and-start interaction with fields of color, evoke the shadows that occur in the Light Shift pattern.

Available on modular tile sizes: 24 x 24, 9 x 36, and 18 x 36 (sample size)

Luxury Vinyl Title (LVT)


This coordinating LVT within the Light Shift Collection expresses the color and pattern of light seen in the digital realm, relating the layered visual patterns seen in technological light conversions. The loosely overlapping, linear grids of dissolving rectangles, in both neutral and bright colors, display a change in kinetic energy though space to create a layered effect.

More information and a link to the visualizer coming soon. 

Glint and Cypress feature Tarkett’s Techtonic advanced polyurethane technology, providing unmatched resistance to scratch, scuff, stain and abrasion. Instead of unnecessary additives that lead to scratch whitening caused by the daily stresses of feet and furniture, Techtonic uses a proprietary polymer system-forming a naturally clear, verifiably stronger layer of protection, while its matte finish eliminates distracting glare.

Collections Infinies™

Digitally Printed LVT

The power of co-creation

You’ll never run out of creative options with Collections Infinies™. This innovative breakthrough in LVT technology uses the power of co-creation to breathe new life into your creative process. Experience the inspiration of some of the most influential design minds of our time—and create the ultimate disruptive design experience.

3 Different Ways to Work with Collections Infinies

Select a pattern from the Collections Infinies library and order it “off the shelf.” Customize an “off-the-shelf” pattern to your exact scale and color specifications. Send us your own image, material sample, or fabric swatch to create an entirely custom flooring experience from scratch.

Tarkett’s State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Technology Allows:

  • Crisper visual details
  • Longer pattern repeats
  • Endless options for customization
  • Low minimum order requirements
  • Quick lead times