Tarkett Recent Product Launches

Recent Product Launches

Color Splash

The importance of interior design stretches far beyond aesthetics. Today’s interiors are expected to support the comfort, productivity and wellness of every occupant. Our new rubber tile offering, Color Splash, does it all. With excellent slip-resistance, rubber tile can help reduce slip-and-fall accidents—while also cushioning underfoot and softening acoustics. We’ve combined these natural properties with gentle color combinations inspired by the outdoors, and manufactured them in a facility that’s powered by 100% renewable electricity. It’s the perfect union of safety and style—for both people and the planet.

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Light Shift Collection

Light Shift Collection

Natural and manmade light sources change in profound ways throughout the day, and dramatically shape our experiences of a space. Designed by Suzanne Tick, The Light Shift Collection is inspired by these properties of light, interpreting the ways it is absorbed and reflected to influence us as interconnected beings.

With two modular carpet patterns and an LVT, the collection grants the new workspaces of today greater comfort and unification through its textural energy and modern palette. This experience allows a shift in perspective, guiding new ways of working that we have yet to see fully evolve.

SweaterKnit + Gabardine

To find healthy balance in an age of constant digital connectivity, we seek to surround ourselves with sources of personal comfort and tactility, creating the same sense of calm and acceptance we experience in our homes. Highly textured surfaces, softened color palettes, and bespoke accessories create warm and welcoming environments. SweaterKnit and Gabardine are designed for this craving of security and harmony—offering complementary styles that bridge the distance between workplace and work/life.