Room Visualizers
Room Visualizers

The floor is your playground.

We have a number of ways to visualize our products- from running line styles to co-creation and customization.

Collections Infinies™ LVT

Co-create using curated color palettes and unique layout options for each of the Collections Infinies designs.

Flexible Standards

Select a Tandus Centiva broadloom, modular or Powerbond pattern, color it using an expansive Dynex color palette, and visualize in a number of room scenes.

Area Rug Configurator

Configure your custom woven rug using 10 Tandus Centiva styles and 21 Dynex yarns for serging.  

Virtual View- Running Line

Visualize Tandus Centiva's full catalog of products- Powerbond®, modular, broadloom, woven and LVT.

Virtual View- Recolor & Configurator

Make a Tandus Centiva product your own by reimagining a style’s entire color palette or mixing soft surface and LVT or two or more styles.