Tandus Centiva Services
Tandus Centiva Services


Better systems mean better service. With that in mind, Tandus Centiva developed services that help manage the complexity of large-scale projects. Our services are managed by a dedicated in-house team who support our strategic customers by solving problems before they start, identifying opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed, saving costs, increasing efficiencies, and removing obstacles.

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Source One®

Source One is the project management program that ensures you don’t get overwhelmed by the complex details of your project. From the design and manufacture of products to installation and maintenance training, Source One eliminates the time-consuming burdens while keeping you up to date on your projects. We also work with dealers in order to offer you the flexibility to procure your flooring through the preferred channels.

Source One capabilities include:

  • Coordination of estimates
  • Proposals and order entry
  • Delivery and installation
  • Furniture lift
  • Consultations on flooring maintenance
  • Long-term onsite support

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The Tandus Centiva Contract site is designed for customers with whom Tandus Centiva has an agreement. This site has information unique to a customer's contract such as contacts, products, services, general contract information, and pricing.

To learn more about Tandus Centiva Contract, contact our Corporate Development Sales Group at 800.248.2878 or visit TandusContract.com.