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Tarkett's 2022 Color Forecast

Top Color Trends for 2022.

Tarkett’s product design team worked together to compile a list of this year’s up-and-coming color trends, inspired by raw, unprocessed materials found in nature. The new palette features warm neutrals, misty blues, and saturated earth tones that reflect environmental influence. We’ve identified a color for each month, and will be sharing a mood board and coordinating swatches that align with each of our forecasted colors – providing you with a recurring spark of color inspiration.

A BR number from the BrillianceSM Digital Color System is provided on each color swatch below. This online tool will help you quickly find flooring materials that coordinate with any color inspiration, no matter where you happen to be working. Learn more.

Color trend palette

January | Green Resolutions

Different shades of green are popping up everywhere and our team predicts that the evergreen selection, “Green Resolutions,” will be one to watch in 2022. People have become accustomed to seeing green in soothing outdoor settings and are inclined to bring the same organic sensation into their indoor environments. This color works well with a variety of design styles and articulates hope for health and resilience in the coming year.

Green color selection for 2022

February | Regal Plum

February's Color of the Month, Regal Plum, is an earthy red-blue that conjures up the feeling of winter light and shorter days. This gorgeous shade represents romance, power, and sophisticated luxury - the perfect addition to any design palette. With the combined effect of stimulating red and tranquil blue, users who experience shades of plum will be in the right headspace for insight and creativity.

Regal Plum - February 2022 color selection

March | Sandy Dune

Our March selection, Sandy Dune, is a callout to warmer days on the horizon. This comforting neutral brings up feelings of safety and relaxation while adding a bohemian flair to your interior spaces. Sandy Dune is a timeless hue that draws inspiration from the earth and serves as a grounding canvas for natural light.

March Color of the Month

April | Offshore Mist

April’s Color of the Month is here! Offshore Mist is a calm, reflective color that is associated with trustworthiness and tranquility. With a vast variety of tones, blue has always been a favorite amongst interior designers and individuals who are looking to incorporate mood-boosting qualities into their spaces. Long known for its tie-in to nature, this shade of blue reminds us of the ocean’s pull and the brightness of a spring afternoon.

April Color of the Month

May | Summer Wheat

With a mixture of yellow and brown, May’s Color of the month, Summer Wheat, is a testament to a golden evening in the sun. This earthy and tuscan-inspired neutral is a soft, pale backdrop that affords flexibility for designers and decorators. Select this easy-going beige to produce a cozy and welcoming interior environment.

May Color of the Month