The Bright School

2017 | Chattanooga, Tennessee United States
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Discover how Tandus Centiva helped The Bright School find flooring solutions that are beautiful and cost-effective.

Established in 1913, The Bright School, located in Chattanooga, is the oldest independent elementary school in TN. Local educator Mary Gardner Bright founded the school and sought to create a loving and nurturing environment, exposing the student to a well-rounded curriculum and, in her words, “creating a happy place in which students gladly come.” Part of that student experience is a library which houses more than 15,000 volumes of books, and a robust hands-on arts program which includes art, woodshop and music.

In keeping true to the foundation set by Miss Bright, the school sought to find a beautiful, healthy and cost-effective solution for how to remodel an area that had broadloom carpet installed over Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT). “We were looking for a product that was easy to maintain and a product that was easy to repair if needed. We knew VCT was quick to clean, but it did not create the warmth and comfort students need. What we noticed was that teachers were buying their own rugs to create that warmth and comfortable learning environment in the room,” explained Reneé Kropff, Assistant Head of School Operations and Technology. Powerbond® became the easy choice due to remarkable durability, beautiful design and ability to provide a soft, cushioned floorcovering. Powerbond was also the perfect cost solution for not having to abate the VAT and the lifetime non-prorated warranty that came with Powerbond, even when installed over carpet that was installed over the VAT, provided further assurance.

Taking advantage of the Imaginations® Custom Flooring Design program, The Bright School co-created with Tandus Centiva to develop a unique floor inlay. “We chose an inlay with musical symbols in the middle of the music room and the teacher noticed that it has become a main part of their curriculum and a teaching tool. Who would have thought that the floor could be a teaching tool?” added Kropff. Powerbond allows the room to feel quiet, warm and comfortable. Students seem more focused with less distractions from movement of tables and chairs or even the sound of a dropped pencil. The environment feels safe and the children can focus on learning.

“An interesting example of quality and performance was that we have a heating and air unit installed in the music room. The wall HVAC unit leaked water from underneath the Powerbond and what happened next was unbelievable. We took up the Powerbond, extracted the broadloom carpet underneath and reinstalled the Powerbond. It continues to look brand new,” exclaimed Kropff.

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