The Loop Tour: Manufacturing Facilities
The Loop Tour: Manufacturing Facilities

Dalton Facilities

Yarn & Dye - The decision to run our own dye facility was a strategic one. We prefer to control the process. Having our very own in-house yarn and dye facility allows us to offer our customers faster lead times, superior quality, greater design flexibility and a further commitment to environmental accountability

Environmental Center - Since its inception in 1994, the Environmental Center at Tandus Centiva has seen many firsts. We were the first to reclaim and recycle soft surface flooring from the waste stream and the first to third-party certify a recycled content product.  We were the first third-party certified closed-loop reclamation and recycling facility in the soft surface flooring industry.  We invented the process to recycle postconsumer soft surface flooring into our backings.   After 20 years, Tandus Centiva is still the only company to offer 100% recycled content as the standard backing for modular tile.  Each day, we recycle approximately 90,000 pounds of flooring, totaling more than 260 million pounds to date.  It’s a quantity we are proud of, but like everything else we do, we’re tireless in our quest to improve it.

Finishing - Design. Innovation. Sustainability. It all comes together at the finishing plant. Here, we manufacture seven construction options: Conserv ®, ER3 ®, ethos ® Modular, Flex-Aire ®, Powerbond ® Cushion, ethos ® Powerbond ® and Medfloor ®. The process is completed by fusing the tufted blankets to the specified backing construction. We have been pioneers in the industry with many of our backing constructions. We offered the first 100% recycled content backing that is also 100% recyclable and the first third-party certified recycled content backing. We were also the first to offer two recycled content construction options, with no up-charge: one from postconsumer carpet and one from windshield safety film. Our Powerbond Cushion backing is the first and only to eliminate concrete subfloor moisture testing requirements and is the only recipient of the Antron Sustainable Flooring Award. It feels good to lead the way on so many backing fronts. But it feels even better to produce these constructions while emitting zero manufacturing waste.

Extrusion -  Located in Calhoun, GA, our Tandus Centiva extrusion plant is where Dynex is manufactured.  Dynex is a nylon 6 solution dyed fiber for which we currently have 122 individual colors.

Florence Facilities

Florence East - Our luxury vinyl tile manufacturing dates back to the early 1960s, in a small manufacturing facility in Florence, Alabama. In the 1990s, when most LVT manufacturers were moving production overseas, we committed to keeping design and manufacturing of our products in America. This enables us to provide consistent quality with shorter lead times. Tandus Centiva LVT is made to order with personalized attention from start to finish. The Victory mill, Contour line and Event warehouse are found within our Florence East location.

Florence West -  Our manufacturing facilities in Florence, Alabama establish the LVT hub of North America. At Florence West, the Tandus Centiva Venue series is manufactured   This is also the site where all material recovered during the manufacturing process of LVT is recycled into backing.

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