Woven Carpet Backings

We take a modern approach to weaving techniques that have been handed down through centuries. Our woven commercial carpets deliver the ultimate luxury and performance, while revealing attractive appearances in texture and relief. Available backings for woven carpets are CrossCushion and Crossweave, both feature:


Introduced in 1985, CrossCushion woven technology offers recycled content combined with a moisture impediment to extend the life of the product. This backing is also enhanced with acoustics and thermal properties.


  • 8%-10% postconsumer content
  • High density polyurethane cushion
  • 30% postconsumer content, 8.6% bio-based content*
  • Impedes moisture intrusion
  • Excellent rollability
  • Enhanced acoustics and thermal properties
  • Meets modified British Spill Test Green Label Plus (Carpet and Rug Institute)
  • 15 year warranty

*available upon request; minimum yardage requirements apply


Introduced in 1964, Crossweave combines the backing yarns and face fiber into one inseparable unit while offering a traditional and elegant appearance. Along with ability to impede moisture intrusion and no edge ravel, these feature will help keep your woven carpet looking at its best for a long time.


  • Excellent rollability
  • Impedes moisture intrusion
  • Traditional/elegant appearance
  • Loops are precision formed to maintain pattern trueness and scale
  • No edge ravel
  • No zippering
  • Meets modified British Spill Test
  • Green Label Plus (Carpet and Rug Institute)
  • 15 year warranty

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