Patient Experience

Flooring is the foundation of healing. As consumers, we make decisions on our level of comfort and perception of cleanliness. 
Outcomes, patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) and safety are at the forefront of every decision a health system makes.

Beige waiting room with a feather patterned floor

Making Informed Decisions

  • Brand familiarity for patients – brand standards build patient connections
  • Perception of cleanliness fosters patient experience, with an actionable impact on the bottom line
  • Reduce in-room impact noise to promote a quieter healing environment 
  • Minimize sleep disruption, length of stay, medication use and stressors
  • Ease of mobility with seamless transitions  

Healthcare Solutions Guide 

At Tarkett, we understand the demands of our healthcare system partners are ever-changing. That’s why our research and innovation never stop and we’re committed to evolving with you. We combine evidence-based product solutions with space-specific performance needs for a safe, comfortable, healing and functional working environment. It’s all about Right Product. Right Space.

Nurse holds hands with child as they walk down hospital hall