Ease of Maintenance

The needs for healthcare are ever-changing. EVS touches every surface, and in turn, they impact the patient experience. Ease of maintenance and durability are key. Flooring solutions need to support today’s design drivers – adaptable, durable and reduce the associated person-hours to maintain. Health systems are doing more with less, the floor can have an actionable impact on the total cost of ownership.

View of two nurses working at hospital from hallway with color-block flooring

Making Informed Decisions

  • Easy maintenance is key - no time to retrain EVS team with constant turnover
  • Surface material must sustain the rigors of EPA cleaning and CDC sanitizing protocols
  • Taking a room out of service for cleaning means lost revenue
  • No-polish mitigates the risk of slips, trips and falls – a non-reimbursable event
  • Enhanced stain resistance to aggressive staining agents

Healthcare Solutions Guide

At Tarkett, we understand the demands of our healthcare system partners are ever-changing. That’s why our research and innovation never stop, we’re committed to evolving with you. We combine evidence-based product solutions with space-specific performance needs for a safe, comfortable, healing and functional working environment. It’s all about Right Product. Right Space.

Nurse and child walk down hospital hallway holding hands