We all have a stake in improving outcomes for our customers, and the performance attributes of flooring materials matter. To drive space-specific flooring decisions, the value of repositioning flooring is an investment in healing environments. Its selection, specification and maintenance protocol support outcomes, patient experience, caregiver satisfaction and a health system’s financial viability.

CT Scan machine in hospital with flooring with ellipses on it

Making Informed Decisions

  • Take a holistic view to select the flooring that best fits the overall goal of the project, for flexibility and adaptability long-term
  • Healthcare customers care about what products help them do and how the product solutions make their job easier, improving process
  • Durability and ease of maintenance are the primary decision drivers
  • Demonstrated durable performance for removal of common staining agents
  • Address outcomes-based solutions first and shifts away from product benefits and features

Healthcare Solutions Guide

At Tarkett, we understand the demands of our healthcare system partners are ever-changing. That’s why our research and innovation never stop - we’re committed to evolving with you. We combine evidence-based product solutions with space-specific performance needs. For a safe, comfortable, healing and functional working environment. It’s all about Right Product. Right Space.

Nurse holds hands with child as they walk down hospital hall