TechtonicTM Protection

Beautifully strong

Tarkett Techtonic is a protective polyurethane floor coating unlike any other. Carefully developed and tested by an international research team, Techtonic’s proprietary, closely-guarded formula was created with one goal: to surpass the performance of all rival products.

Our competitors boast about what they add to their LVT surfaces’ coatings. But those additives can increase the likelihood of ugly whitening when their product gets scratched. Because Techtonic doesn’t include unnecessary composite materials, it offers dramatically stronger protection against scratches and whitening, as well as abrasions, scuffs and stains—defending both your floors, and your peace of mind.

Pure Protection for Ultimate Performance 

Techtonic’s added defense against scratches, abrasions and scuffs means longer, better performance for your space’s LVT surfaces—and a lot fewer concerns for you.
 Created to outperform the industry leader, Techtonic did just that in a series of carefully-monitored laboratory tests: proving itself to be a drastically better defense against scratches and scratch whitening. Real-world tests are equally impressive. Techtonic has not only withstood heavy traffic while keeping floors looking new, but over 10 million square feet of product have shipped, with no claims filed for scratching, scuffing, staining or abrasion.

Wooden Floor with Techtonic protection gives LVT floors greater defense against

Techtonic Outperforms its Competition

Applied to LVT made in Florence, Alabama, Techtonic offers best-in-class performance with uncompromised design. In a series of laboratory tests, Techtonic-protected LVT floors repeatedly outperformed our closest competitor: matching their strength against scuffing and abrasion, while exceeding their resistance to scratching, slipping and dimensional stability.

Graphs of Techtonic and competitor A