Powerbond® Hybrid Carpet

Breathe easier with your choice

Powerbond Cushion RS is the first hybrid carpet flooring CERTIFIED as asthma & allergy friendly® by Allergy Standards Limited in collaboration with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, helping to create  healthier classrooms, corporate offices, senior living communities and more.

Additionally, with chemically welded seams, its impermeable, closed-cell cushion backing provides a wall-to-wall moisture barrier to help avoid conditions favorable to microbial growth. In testing, 95 percent of allergens were removed effectively with a simple dry vacuuming. 

Future Forward

When your flooring installation can be expected to last for generations, you’re taking big steps towards reducing resources. But when it does come time to change, durable and impermeable Powerbond is part of Tarkett's ReStart® take-back and recycling program.

Powerbond is made with 8­–10% postconsumer recycled materials and, like all Tarkett North America floors, is free of all Six Classes of Harmful Chemicals as defined by the Green Science Policy Institute, including ortho-phthalates, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and antimicrobials.

The floor is the foundation of your interior design—literally and metaphorically. It’s the blank canvas from which something truly remarkable can be built. A well-designed floor exalts your style while fostering a sense of comfort, productivity, collaboration and creativity. By choosing Powerbond as your foundation, you can render a room with improved air quality, reduced noise and enhanced comfort. You’ll also have the freedom to explore a variety of design possibilities that will stand the test of time.

Woman looking at her mobile phone standing on a yellow and blue geometric design

Tailored by Tarkett

Create profoundly unique spaces with our Tailored by Tarkett design tools, capabilities, and services. Whether you are designing a new building, or replacing existing flooring at your facility, you can choose to personalize our running line products or produce a never-before-seen design with our full customization tools. And if you are looking for expert guidance on how to transform your space you can even contact one of our knowledgeable designers.

Persistent performance

A hybrid or a paradox? As a hybrid carpet, Powerbond delivers the durability of hard-surface flooring with the comfort and cushion of carpet. And that makes it perfect for high-use, high-abuse spaces that are expected to perform admirably for decades.

More on the benefits of Powerbond Hybrid Carpet

Key attributes

top view of table with record player and headphones and carpeted floor top view of table with record player and headphones and carpeted floor
Esparto - Terrior

A sound choice

Acoustics play an important role in interior design. Sanctuaries require serenity. Collaboration thrives in calm. And when your flooring helps mitigate unwanted noise, it speaks volumes about quality. With a 0.22 noise reduction coefficient, Powerbond flooring solutions help create more tranquil environments. 
Zoom in on carpeted floor with tube vaccuum next to a burnt orange stool and wood paneled wall Zoom in on carpeted floor with tube vaccuum next to a burnt orange stool and wood paneled wall
Suede Tones - Ghost Writer

Clean lines … and easy to clean.

Drinks spill. Shoes track in soil. Accidents happen. You can’t prevent them. But you can prevent stains and soil from setting in. Easy-to-clean Powerbond features Dynex® SD fiber with permanent stain resistance and Eco-Ensure soil protection to inherently resist staining and dirt retention—spill after spill, year after year.
Top view of black umbrella in umbrella holder on beige carpeted floor and wood panelled wall Top view of black umbrella in umbrella holder on beige carpeted floor and wood panelled wall
Create Balance - Reimagine

Matchless moisture control

Powerbond’s chemically welded seams create an impermeable wall-to-wall shield, preventing moisture from seeping through to your substrate. This helps avoid conditions favorable to microbial growth so you can maintain healthier environments.

Definition of a classic

Classics are defined as being of the highest quality, serving as a standard for everything that follows. They aren’t just time tested, they’re timeless. And they become more valued over the years.

Developed in 1967, Powerbond® was the first hybrid carpet flooring to combine the best of carpet and resilient sheet. More than 50 years later, there's still nothing else like it in the market—delivering healthier materials, unlimited design potential, impermeable moisture protection and greater durability. After all, like a true classic, performance never goes out of style.

Featured Case Studies

Four kids sitting ont he carpeted steps in a classroom with elderly teacher sitting on a chair in the middle with a book
Case Study

Celebrating 55 Years of Powerbond®

Prospect Valley Elementary School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado installed Powerbond hybrid soft-surface flooring in 1967. More than a half-century later, the school’s original Powerbond had outlasted the serviceable life of the building and was removed in 2023 before demolition
Creative education space with dinosaurs on ceiling and floor and a flooring design with road
Case Study

Centennial Elementary School

The design team for Humble wanted to create multiple pods for immersive experiences that boost student engagement and support social-emotional learning.