Large stacks of big carton boxes Large stacks of big carton boxes

Tarkett Sample Returns

Let us dispose of your samples responsibly.

Thank you for requesting product samples from Tarkett. When you no longer need them, just send them back. We’ll add them to the 700 tons of waste we keep out of landfill each year. Just another way we’re Doing Good—Together.

Here's what we can receive:                                                                                  

  • Loose piece carpet and LVT samples
  • Loose piece resilient samples (rubber, linoleum, VCT, VET, and wall base)
  • Fully intact product portfolios/folders

Currently not accepting:                                                                                           

  • Competitor’s products                       
  • Damaged or partial portfolios                                                                           

Print Your Shipping Label

With some help from FedEx, we’ve started a return shipping label for you. Currently only available in the United States.

large stacks of cardboard boxes