Memory Enhancement

Memory Enhancement is a form of residential long-term care that provides intensive, specialized care for people with cognitive decline in a safe, controlled environment. Many assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities and skilled nursing facilities have special Memory Enhancement “neighborhoods” for dementia patients and those with other forms of cognitive and physical impairment. 

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Memory problems, difficulty processing information, and impaired communication are among dementia’s primary consequences. Using design to lessen the impacts of cognitive decline can improve quality of life. This means helping residents feel comfortable, preserving their autonomy and independence, and limiting factors that can lead to anxiety or confusion. It also means helping caregivers do their jobs more easily and effectively.

Senior seated one edge of bed with striped comforter in front of window holds hands of standing nurse Senior seated one edge of bed with striped comforter in front of window holds hands of standing nurse

When designing for the elderly, there are four key areas of focus for health and wellness:

1) Account for age-related change | Facilitating visual perception and encouraging mobility

2) Create a safe, comfortable environment for residents and staff | Ensuring resident comfort and  improving the caregiver work environment

3) Choose quality materials for residents’ health and for more sustainable buildings | Ensuring good indoor air quality and choosing environmentally friendly materials

4) Manage costs by making the right choices | Optimize maintenance and consider cleaning costs

Right Product. Right Space.

Memory Enhancement is designed to provide a safe, structured environment with set routines to lower stress for people with Alzheimer's or dementia.   

The National Investment Center for Senior Housing & Care shared that memory enhancement is the fastest-growing sector of the senior housing market, with the number of units doubling over the past decade.

Yet, there are severe workforce challenges long-term care providers are facing. Facilities are struggling to hire and retain staff. Caregiver, retention is at a pivot point, and facility design must adapt to support retention strategies.  

Flooring selection, specification, and installation can positively impact resident outcomes, caregiver retention, safety, health, and well-being

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At Tarkett, we understand the demands of our senior living partners are ever-changing. That’s why our research and innovation never stop, we’re committed to evolving with you. We combine evidence-based product solutions with space-specific performance needs. For a safe, comfortable, healing, and working environment. It’s all about Right Product. Right Space. 

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