Skilled Nursing /  Long-Term Acute Care Hospital  (LTACH)

Skilled nursing is an inpatient rehabilitation/medical facility with trained medical professionals that provide 24/7 health care and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL’s). Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH’s) provide care for patients with complex medical conditions that require longer stays.

Senior woman using walker in hallway with bank of windows on right and handrails on opposite wall smiling at caregiver who is smiling back and has one hand on senior's shoulder and the other on her hand

Living with Dignity

Awareness of how the built environment impacts human health is at an all-time high. As we age, we face several formidable challenges directly related to health. Environments can be a tool with which to make people healthier, a fact that forward-thinking healthcare systems and providers are recognizing. The context for these trends is the aging population.

mid torso view of senior using walking and nurse's supportive hand on arm mid torso view of senior using walking and nurse's supportive hand on arm

Five Meta Trends Impacting a Healthier Human Experience:

  1. Design for resilience in crisis response, think about the environmental impact
  2. As lifespan increases, spaces must empower individuals
  3. Create positive change for the workforce, maximize the impact of space
  4. Repurpose, and restore spaces to drive return on investment
  5. Create a welcoming, supportive environment centered on inclusionary design.
Source: Gensler Design Forecast 2022. A New Era of Human Experience

Right Product. Right Space.

Skilled nursing facilities create a relationship between acute and post-acute care. Hospitals and investors have acquired nursing facilities as a critical link in the continuum of care. Caregiver retention is at a pivot point. Successful corporations and investors will foster a deeper sense of caring for the caregiver. Facility design must adapt to drive retention strategies. Flooring selection, specification, and installation can positively impact resident outcomes, caregiver retention, safety, health, and well-being. 

Senior Living Brochure

At Tarkett, we understand the demands of our senior living partners are ever-changing. That’s why our research and innovation never stop, we’re committed to evolving with you. We combine evidence-based product solutions with space-specific performance needs. For a safe, comfortable, healing, and working environment. It’s all about Right Product. Right Space.