Side view of all recycled paper and materials Side view of all recycled paper and materials

Restart® flooring take-back and recycling program

Recycling? You have the will. We have the way.

We can all agree that recycling safe materials is a good thing. It preserves the world’s natural resources and is a major contributor to reducing climate change. But doing the right thing isn’t always easy. How can you be sure your post-installation or used flooring comes back for a second life and doesn’t end up as landfill?

grid of 4 images of workers working with recycled materials

The answer: leave it to us! Our hassle-free flooring take-back and recycling program, ReStart®, will take away your used flooring and provide you with a certificate showing the volume of material diverted from landfill.

To us, every scrap we can recycle or divert from landfill makes a positive impact on our environment. Of course, the materials we recycle must meet the exceptional health and safety standards we set for ourselves (well above the industry standards), but if there’s any material we can’t make safe use of, we know that someone else can. It’s why we partner with other industries to make sure that wherever possible, nothing goes to waste.

Restart worker wearing a blue work hat and matching shirt pulling recycled materials from a pile

Make ReStart® part of your next flooring project plan

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