Two small piles of recycled materials on top of a plank of wood Two small piles of recycled materials on top of a plank of wood

Our Sustainability Approach

Proof in Every Step

At Tarkett, social and environmental responsibility aren’t add-ons, and they haven’t been for decades. We launched the first full-scale flooring recycling program in 1994, started third-party verification two decades ago, and became phthalate-free while others were still debating phthalate safety. For years, we have been stepping forward to create beautiful floors for people and planet. And we have no intentions of stopping. But more importantly, we don’t just say this, we prove it.

We show you the numbers behind the words because we believe true impact comes from transparency. Impact that we empower and scale by providing a clear foundation for our partners and customers to carry forward. Every material we choose, every manufacturing process we improve, every floor we craft is a small step forward. That’s why 97% of the materials we use are third-party assessed against Cradle to Cradle principles for human and environmental health. 

That’s why we reveal our raw materials down to 100 parts per million. Because sustainability is a collaborative effort, and net positive impacts, closed loops, and a circular economy all depend on what you start with. And with Tarkett, you always know where you start because before our materials touch the factory floor to the moment you walk through your door, there’s Proof in Every Step.