Piles of similar colored recycled materials Piles of similar colored recycled materials

Sourcing Recycled Content

We’re All About Second Chances

Post-industrial medical blister packaging and mobile SIM cards, the chalk that’s filtered out of drinking water, the PVB films from old car windshields, even discarded fishing nets. This may sound like an odd collection of rubbish, but these items actually contain valuable materials that can be used again. It’s why, at Tarkett, we collaborate with partners working on innovative ways of extracting valuable materials from used products that we can bring back into our supply chain.

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It’s all part of our commitment to a circular economy approach, which means closing the loop on waste. Of course, that starts close to home with the recycling of our production and installation off-cuts and the eco design of our own products. We're increasing the amount of recycled content we use and ensuring that, when a product reaches end of life, the same valuable materials they contain are able to be extracted as easily as possible and used again. At Tarkett, our ambition is to make flooring that is 100% recyclable. But closing the loop on waste also requires a bit of lateral thinking. By collaborating with other industries to find otherwise wasted by-products that might be useful to us – like upcycling the PVB films from old car windshields for our Cradle to Cradle certified ethos modular carpet backing.

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Because when it comes to waste, every scrap saved and reused, whether production and installation off-cuts, used flooring or the used products of other industries, makes a difference. It not only conserves the world’s natural resources, but helps to tackle climate change by cutting out the vast amounts of energy and water needed to extract and process virgin materials. We’re currently on target to triple the amount of recycled content we use - from 10% in 2018 to 30% by 2030. We’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to switch traditional materials for high-quality recycled ones.

We know our passion for sustainability is something our customers share. It’s why when you choose a Tarkett flooring solution, you’re not only choosing a product that is beautiful, durable and proven to be of the highest health standards; you also have the peace of mind of knowing you’re making a good choice for the environment and the future of our planet.

Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Report

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