Modern office open gathering space with three people working and light carpet flooring Modern office open gathering space with three people working and light carpet flooring


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Laying the Foundation for Healthy & Productive Workplaces

Great workplaces start with putting the well-being of their people first. Space can be a powerful tool that enhances productivity and fosters strong community. Or it can simply become another necessary expense with minimal impact on growth. That is why Tarkett leverages the latest insights and innovations to help you create healthy, sustainable environments that empower your people to do their best work. 

Human-Conscious Design

There are an endless number of demands being placed on owners, designers and managers of today’s workplace environments. The way people work continues to evolve and thus must our spaces. That is why we focus on bringing you the latest insights on how to design places that protect the health and enhance the productivity of your employees. 

Tarkett Workplace Solutions

Today’s spaces must address the ever-changing demands that the future brings our way. That is why Tarkett offers a full spectrum of solutions to support the variety of ways your employees need to work. 

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Tailored by Tarkett

Create profoundly unique spaces with our Tailored by Tarkett design tools, capabilities and services. Whether you are designing a new building or replacing existing flooring at your facility, you can choose to personalize our running line products or produce a never-before-seen design with our full customization tools. And if you are looking for expert guidance on how to transform your space, you can even contact one of our knowledgeable designers. 

Proof In Every Step

When we say social and environmental responsibility are core to our business, we mean we design floors to create healthy, safe spaces inside our walls and out. For us, these things are not just add-ons. They are woven, stamped and sealed into everything we do. But more importantly, we do not just say this, we prove it.

Workplace Guide

The Tarkett Human-Conscious Design principle focuses on putting people first by contributing to their wellbeing and allowing them to flourish at work. We welcome you to explore our new Workplace Guide for the latest insights and information. 

Open office area with 3 chairs on black and white patterned carpet tiled floor